1942 • Cave women

Adrienne and Winifred are standing, fine and awkward as strange animals, in Madeline’s Killara living room. But, Madeline is thinking, so young and so unused. She marvels at their optimism. They want to do the wild thing, throw themselves into the war danger, … while everything around them seems a sort of comedy. [RED, page 205]

*PictureofPoikes copy

Adrienne Parkes, aged about 20 (self portrait, pencil, c. 1932)

*WinnieCurvedShadow copy

Winnie Buzacott

Adrienne Parkes’ closest, most enduring friendship was with Winifred Buzacott, sister of the Melbourne artist Herbert McClintock and married to another artist Nutter Buzacott. These four, together with Paul Moline, Roy Dalgarno and Noel Counihan, were friends and young communists in Melbourne, c. 1930–34. 

Ten years on, in 1942, Adrienne and Winnie each had two children and were living in Sydney.

adrienne double bushwalk

Adrienne photographed while on a bushwalk, early 1940s

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