1946 • The arrest

Eunice is demure, quick, grave, intelligent. Can hold you with her steady eyes. … And high in Sydney’s tallest building, thirteen storeys, struck by the morning light from across Hyde Park, … having finally walked away from Jerry Wells of the New Theatre, … she looks into the eyes of Bialoguski, …. And, yes, she sees at once he has most penetrating eyes, … [RED, pages 269, 270]

Eunice Penton, the sister of the Daily Telegraph editor Brian Penton, married the Sydney New Theatre actor Jerold (Jerry) Wells in 1943; they separated before 1947.

eunice by lesley 400 copy

Portrait of Eunice Wells by Lesley Moline, c. 1955.

jerry wells 1944 NTL cropped

Jerold Wells (at right) in a New Theatre meeting, c. 1944. From the New Theatre’s history website: “His first name was spelt variously as Gerald, Jerold and Jerry and his reputation at New Theatre varied from loveable villain to very unsavoury type, sarcastic with a big ego, arrogant and ‘a pig’.” 

Bialoguski Taylor Sq. cropped

Michael Bialoguski arriving at the Royal Commission on Espionage, 1954. (Daily Telegraph, 10 September 1954)

This short episode takes place in “Sydney’s tallest building” which in 1946 was Culwulla Chambers:

culwalla chambers c. 1925 CROPPED

Culwulla Chambers in c. 1925.

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