What the communist said to the spy

telephone bill

Communist Bill Wood, with telephone

1942 … and Australia is at war with Germany. Communist Russia is our ally. But our military intelligence treats Australian Communists as the enemy, even though US General Douglas Macarthur, who is leading Australian forces at this time, supports the Communist-led People’s Army. Not China’s people’s army—but Australia’s. All rather confusing. Meanwhile Bill Wood, a leader of this Australian “People’s Army” and editor of the weekly journal Progress, asks one of our spies why his phone is being tapped. “You do know, don’t you, that we’re comrades now? Moscow’s in the war on your side, Major. They have informed your section?” More HERE.

Author: RED the Book

I have been writing and editing since 1986. My latest book is RED. This site has further information about the people and episodes in the book.

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