RED • Stephen Moline

She can’t help watching the procession, a long dark flow of people of every age and look, both neat and ragged. They seem to have no end. They’ll flow down Collins Street for years. Who’d have thought there’d be so many?

a compelling narrative — Stuart Macintyre

hugely rich and impressive — Rowan Cahill

RED cover

I’ve set up this site to add images of the people in the book and some background to episodes in the book. Look for these under EXPLORE THE BOOK.

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About the book

RED tracks the lives of two families of Australian political idealists, their motives, expectations and gradual disillusionment.

These twentieth-century radicals and their friends, many of them communist, were journalists, artists, feminists, architects, politicians, teachers and scholars.

Stephen Moline grew up among these radicals. He kept a notebook.

Author: RED the Book

I have been writing and editing since 1986. My latest book is RED. This site has further information about the people and episodes in the book.

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